Disappearing Acts Easy Child Magic Tricks Secrets Revealed

Disappearing acts astound audiences just as much as production routines, and showing easy child magic tricks of these types will easily catch youngsters’ attentions and make them want to learn and perform illusions just like real magicians. Just imagine kids in their own shows making things disappear and wowing spectators. The confidence it will give them will definitely bring out many positive effects.

So put on your sorcerers’ hats and learn what it takes to make things disappear, even yourself!

How to Make Things Disappear

The secret of how to do real magic tricks for kids, the disappearing acts, lies on sleight of hand skills and some simple props that you can do yourself.

First, let’s learn how to make simple, small things vanish. A coin, for example.

Wear long sleeves before your trick. Hold the coin in your hand and show it to your audience.

Then distract your audience with some magic spells while partly covering your hand with your sleeves.

Now, lift your hands sliding the coin further up your sleeve and instantly show that the coin has disappeared. It’s that easy.

For a larger object, let’s say an orange or a bird, sleight of hand is also the key.

Make sure you wear a jacket with wide sleeves and a secret compartment on the side facing you. Then hold the object in one hand, showing it to everyone.

Mumble a few enchantments while slowly passing your other hand in front of the object and dropping it inside the hidden pocket.

Taking your other hand away, you now reveal your hand holding nothing.

With a little practice at convincing your audience, you can pull off these fun tricks for kids with flair.

And for the best part, try making yourself disappear in front of everyone.

This act will require the use of a special box the size of an average person. The secret lies on a trap door at the back that serves as an exit.

Explain to your audience what you plan to do. Then enter the box and instruct an assistant or one of the audiences to open the door after a short while.

Once you’re inside the box, close the door and immediately exit through the secret flap.

The audience will surely be surprised once they open the door and find out it’s empty.

Now that you know the secrets of disappearing acts, master and perform it for others. Then move on to more complicated tricks.

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